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Outer Banks cast will “derail” scenes by having too much fun

The cast of the treasure hunting Netflix series Outer Banks are having so much fun on set they are derailing the filming of scenes.

Outer Banks Season 3 cast

Outer Banks, the Netflix TV series about a group of best friends hunting for treasure linked to one of their grandfathers, recently saw its season 3 release on the streaming service.

The genre-mashing thriller series has done quite well for the streamer, with bendy twists, a stunning beachy aesthetic, and young romance. Featuring a youthful cast with rising stars such as Madelyn Cline, it’s not a shock to hear the Outer Banks set is an energetic one with room for improvisation.

According to Cline, the cast is so often having such a good time they have actually derailed scenes while filming the drama series. Is there a thing as too much fun? We don’t think so.

In a spoiler-stuffed interview on the latest season with W Magazine, Cline said, If Jonas, or whoever is directing, doesn’t rein us in, we will absolutely derail a scene, because we have so much fun, and we do know the characters so well.”

She continued, “but our writers have always trusted us. Now, in scripts, we’ll see, in parentheses, ‘(Pogues improvise.)’ Whenever we have thoughts or ideas, we’ll talk to our writers because we are closer in age to our characters, and they also have kids who are about the same age, so there’s a lot of youthful input.”

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In an industry where sets for many people have been places of sweaty stress and bad behaviour, it’s nice to hear stories like these where young actors are enjoying themselves and having some creative input.

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