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Pokemon’s massive Wailord plushie will devour us all

You can now own your own Wailord from the Pokemon anime series and videogames in the form of a 57-inch plushie, which is currently accepting pre-orders.

Thar she blows! Rest in peace DJUNGELSKOG, because there is a new obscenely large plushie in town. If you feel an affinity to Wailord, the biggest non-Gigantamax, non-Legendary Pokemon in the history of the videogame and anime series, your time has come. You can now be the proud owner of a plushie of the anime character that is taller than most of the members of The Digital Fix team!

Standing at 57 inches, this cuddly companion to the water-based Pokemon is about 1/10th of the size of an actual Wailord, but its description on the Pokemon website notes that this IRL version of the cartoon character “is more of a roommate” than a toy and can act as the “centerpiece of any room it’s in.”

In case you needed a bit of a recap on who Wailord is, the character introduced in Generation III, and evolves from the Wailer Pokemon starting from Level 40. Boasting the fourth-highest HP stats of any Pokemon, Wailord is the perfect roommate to scare off door-knockers and junk-mailers.

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As pointed out in its Pokedex entry, Wailord “can sometimes knock out opponents with the shock created by breaching and crashing its big body onto the water.”

Okay, maybe this is an exaggeration for a 57-inch plush, but you have until March 13, 2023 to preorder the toy via the Pokémon Center. Priced at £419.99, he’s not exactly cheap — but it’s a worthy investment if you ask us. Or, if you want to risk it being sold out, you can wait until the fella is released on November 2.

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