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This Clint Eastwood movie “strongly influenced” Yellowstone

Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan has revealed a certain Clint Eastwood movie that's been heavily influential on his drama series

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The various TV series in the Yellowstone timeline are plenty influenced by Westerns. I mean, it’s a show about a family living on a ranch wearing cowboy hats. But one Clint Eastwood movie in particular is something creator Taylor Sheridan had in mind.

In a profile on the Atlantic, Sheridan revealed that ’90s movie Unforgiven is the standard he’s following. According to him, the Eastwood-directed and starring film subverted and re-wrote the rulebook on what Westerns are and can be, leaving a strong impression for the shape of Yellowstone.

“[Eastwood] shattered the myth of the American Western,” Sheridan says. “So when I stepped into that world, I wanted there to be real consequences. I wanted to never, ever shy away from, ‘This was the price’.”

This connection makes sense, because the disparate drama series of Yellowstone have all put their characters through the ringer thus far. Being part of the Dutton family practically guarantees a stressful life, and it seems they have Eastwood to blame for that.

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Kevin Costner leads the Yellowstone cast in the flagship show, now mid-season 5. Indiana Jones movies legend Harrison Ford co-lead 1923 with Helen Mirren, while 1883 and 6666 follow other characters who have some associated with the Dutton ranch. While all their own beasts, they so share being quite stressful to watch because of all the drama.

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