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Frasier reboot probably won’t bring back iconic comedy series location

Kelsey Grammer gave a disappointing update ahead of the Frasier reboot release date about a location from the comedy series where the character first appeared.

Kelsey Grammer will return to his comedy series role when the Frasier reboot release date comes around

As we get closer to the Frasier reboot release date, we’re starting to get more updates about the return of one of the best comedy series in telly history. Kelsey Grammer is back in the title role, and it’s fair to say excitement is building.

The star of the TV series has now offered an update on potential locations for the new show, which relocates the characters to Boston rather than the Seattle of the original series.

That choice of location brings the series back to the setting of Cheers, which is the show that first introduced Frasier Crane to TV viewers. This raises the prospect of some famous locations returning.

But fans probably shouldn’t get too excited on that front, as Grammer has more or less immediately poured cold water on some of those hopes in an interview with YouTube channel Jake’s Takes.

Grammer said that’s there’s “an element of stepping back into the world of Cheers” with the Frasier reboot, but fans shouldn’t expect to see the Cheers bar in the new series.

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He said: “He feels like he has unfinished business [in Boston], like part of that life did not fulfil him enough to get to the place he had dreamed. He may not go back into that bar. There are a lot of things we would have to do in order to secure rights and blah, blah, blah, and business. That is an overlay that sometimes stops us from a certain path creatively, but that path is in this show, of coming to terms with Boston for him, of coming to terms with a life he didn’t live in Boston and the one he wanted to live.”

The Frasier reboot is set to arrive on the streaming service Paramount Plus in the near future, with British sitcom legend Nicholas Lyndhurst joining the Frasier cast as a friend of Grammer’s character.

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