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Emily Blunt got confused for a Disney princess making this movie

According to Charlize Theron's son, Emily Blunt bore a striking resemblance to a specific Disney princess while filming this particular movie.

The jury might still be out on whether Mary Poppins can be considered a Disney Princess. But according to some, Emily Blunt, who played the character in Disney movie Mary Poppins Returns, is definitely Disney Princess material. Except they confused the actor with a cartoon character.

In 2016 movie Hunstman: The Winter War, Blunt plays Freya the Ice Queen. As the actor explained during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, this led to comparisons between her and another very famous ice queen by Charlize Theron’s young son who, she says, became convinced that she was Elsa from Frozen.

“Charlize’s son was on set a lot and he’s obsessed with Frozen so he really thought I was Elsa,” the actor said. “And then he got really disappointed because he saw me in my sweatpants one day with the white hair on, and he just looks at me and goes, ‘Put on your dress.’ Like, he was really bummed about it. ‘Put it on now.’”

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Although Blunt isn’t playing the star of a hit animated movie, she explained to Kimmel that her adventure movie character did get to ride a wolf-bear. Describing the CGI process, where she had to ride a “lump in a golf cart,” the actor admitted that she and her co-stars struggled to take these battle scenes seriously.

“So I’m just like this on it, driving at a glacial pace towards the other actors, and I just remember coming towards Jessica Chastain and she was like this, trying not to laugh ’cause she knew if she made me laugh, the whole shot would be ruined,” Blunt said. “You’re talking about 50 horses, 100 extras. The reset takes an hour.”

Maybe Theron’s son should let it go, but that doesn’t mean you have to — here’s what we know about the Frozen 3 release date. To see what other Disney princesses are joining the ranks this year, check out our guide to all the new movies coming in 2023.