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Avatar 2 only has two shots without any VFX, here they are

The VFX team behind Avatar: The Way of Water have revealed that the three-hour-long movie only has two shots that are not enhanced by CGI.

Avatar 2

Not only has Avatar: The Way of Water achieved staggering financial success, it is also doing well with awards bodies – and seems a shoe-in to win the Oscar for special effects. While the VFX team were celebrating their recent BAFTA win, they revealed that there are only two shots in the whole of the over three-hour Avatar 2 runtime that are not enhanced by CGI in some way.

The award-winning team told Metro that in the entirety of the science fiction movie, there are just two shots that don’t feature VFX. Eric Saindon revealed; “There’s one of Spider’s [Jack Champion] eyeball and there’s one of the bottom of the ocean and just some ripples in the bottom of the water.”

Everything else was ‘created or added to’ by the team, as Saindon explained; “There’s lots of live action, lots of characters with CG but every other scene, VFX shots were touched.” The action movie is nominated for four Oscars in total, including Best Picture. Somewhat controversially, James Cameron was not nominated for Best Director.

Regarding the upcoming Avatar 3 and beyond, Joe Letteri said; “There’s some pretty terrific scenes in there, actually. Something to look forward to.” After spending five years on the sequel, the VFX team confirmed that Avatar 3 is ‘a little shorter timeframe’. “A lot of the development that took place for Way of Water will obviously be used in the following films,” verified Daniel Barrett.

Avatar 3’s release date is currently expected to be in 2024, and will likely have a December slot, as The Way of Water did. Avatar 3 will introduce a ‘fire tribe,’ after the second movie clearly focused on the water tribe.

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