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Bryan Cranston’s wife gave Breaking Bad her approval in the best way

The star of the mega-hit HBO drama series might not have taken the Breaking Bad role had his wife not had such a major approval of the script.

Bryan Cranston as Walter White in Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad’s Walter White is one of the most feared protagonists in one of the best TV series ever. But it might not have turned out that way had star Bryan Cranston got the approval of his real-life spouse.

The drug-fuelled drama series has become a fan favourite and cemented itself firmly in pop culture, making it so you couldn’t walk down the street without seeing a pork pie hat or an “I’m the one who knocks” t-shirt at some point during the mid-noughties.

So it’s no wonder that Bryan Cranston is probably pretty pleased he took the role. However, there was still one person he had to get approval from, his wife, Robin Dearden. In an interview with GQ, the actor revealed her reaction to reading the script for the first time and how he knew it was in the bag with his true partner-in-crime.

“I remember going to my wife. I always get her council because we’re together, whatever I do affects her, so I wanted to get her input on it,” he says. “And I said to her, “Just know, that this show would shoot in Albuquerque, New Mexico, if it were to happen.” And I handed her the script, and she started reading the script, and I would peak in to see every once in a while.”

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We all know that Breaking Bad is addictive in its ability to spin expectations and throw action packed twists and turns at breakneck speed at its viewers. So naturally, it didn’t take long for Dearden to realise the potential of the series, and ultimately, the role.

“…And she was like, boom, boom, boom, to the end. Right when she got near the end I came back in the room, and she went, “Shit.” She just said, “Shit.” And I knew that was her approval.”

Bryan Cranston's wife approved Breaking Bad

For all the sharp writing and intense story arcs that Breaking Bad is know for, we can’t help but wonder if the show would be what it became if not for Bryan Cranston in the front seat of that RV.

But we don’t have to think about it for too long, because history wrote itself when Cranston stepped into Walter White’s shoes (and hazmat suit), and became part of a legacy that resulted in 16 Emmy wins, an equally lauded spin-off series in the form of Better Call Saul, and a Western-inspired Netflix movie that reignited our love for the show.

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