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Lockwood and Co ghost types explained

In Lockwood and Co the streets are haunted by sinister spectres and ghastly ghouls, here's everything you need to know about the three ghost types

Lockwood and Co: Skull a Type 3 ghost

In the world of Lockwood and Co, the streets are stalked by ghosts known as Visitors. These strange phantoms returned from the afterlife during an event known as The Problem, and there are three ghost types, all of which have their own powers and abilities.

In the Netflix series, our heroes have encountered all three types of spooky spectres while defending the living. Still, even the most talented of Watchers would have difficulty telling these ghosts apart. So we thought we’d take the time to explain the three ghost types we meet in Lockwood and Co.

Warning minor spoilers ahead for the TV series. And if you’re afraid of things that go bump in the night, maybe give this one a miss. It’s fine. We have a list of the best comedy series you can read instead.

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Type One Ghosts

Type One Ghosts are the weakest and most common form of spectre found in the world of Lockwood and Co. These spirits can be formless. When they do manage to manifest as a person, they’re often trapped in repetitive cycles of behaviour and unaware of the things going on around them.

These ghosts are much more likely to spread unease, anxiety and dread than actively attack the living, although they are still a danger if provoked.  Examples of Type One Ghosts include Shades, Lurkers, and Stalkers.

Lockwood and Co: A type 2 ghost

Type 2 Ghosts

Type 2 Ghosts are powerful and rarer phantoms that are more aggressive than Type Ones. These spirits seem to have a rudimentary intelligence that allows them to perceive the living in a way Type One can’t.

As such may go out of their way to harm the living without being provoked. These ghosts are often bound to the living world by a sense of injustice that their spirit intends to correct.  Examples of Type 2 Ghosts include Phantasm, Poltergeists, and Wraiths.

Lockwood and Co: Skull a Type 3 ghost

Type 3 Ghosts

Type 3 Ghosts are the rarest and most powerful of Visitors, so much so that their existence was thought a myth for the longest time. Type 3s are incredibly powerful ghosts. They have all the abilities of a Type 2 but are a lot stronger and have a human level of intelligence.

As such, Type 3s are capable of holding conversations with listeners talented enough to hear them and apparently often share dark and perverse secrets with the living. There have only been two documented encounters with Type 3s.

The first was recorded by Marissa Fittes, while the second is the Skull kept in Lockwood’s house. The skull has demonstrated incredible supernatural abilities and a rather sardonic (and slightly malevolent) sense of humour. Still, its true powers are kept in check by the jar it’s trapped in. Let’s hope it stays that way in Lockwood and Co season 2.

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