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Michelle Pfeiffer’s Grease 2 audition sounds incredibly embarrassing

Michelle Pfeiffer won the lead role of Stephanie, leader of the Pink Ladies in Grease 2, but it sounds like her audition was far from plain-sailing.

michelle pfieffer grease 2

Grease very nearly wasn’t the word for Michelle Pfieffer, as she recalled in a 2019 interview with James Corden how getting the lead in ‘80s movie Grease 2 was “a total fluke.”

Grease 2, the sequel to the hit musical Grease, returns to Rydell High two years after the original cast graduated (although Frenchy is still knocking around). In something of a role reversal, Grease 2 revolves around Sandy’s cousin, nerdy British exchange student Michael Carrington.

Michael sets out to win the heart of Pink Ladies leader Stephanie, who can only date greasers and is reeling from her recent break-up with T-Birds leader Johnny.

As we know, it was Pfieffer who brought the role of Stephanie to life — but the Batman movie actor admitted to Corden that she cringes when she thinks back to her audition.

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“I went on a lark,” she explained. “My agent said, ‘Oh, just go.’ I wasn’t a dancer, I wasn’t a singer, and I was in this short purple skirt with go-go boots, and we had the dancing auditions.”

The Ant-Man cast member joked that the experience was akin to A Chorus Line, where “this line goes, and then the next line goes.” She added, “I kept sneaking in the back, and finally, it was only me. I got the part, shockingly enough.”

These days, as Ant-Man character Janet van Dyne, Pfieffer is more comfortable in the Quantum Realm than a chorus line. You can catch her in new movie Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania on February 17, which is the Ant-Man 3 release date. Want to know what we made of Pfioeffer’s new adventure? Check out our Ant-Man 3 review here.