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New Attack on Titan poster spoils anime series ending

The Attack on Titan two-part season finale begins this Spring, and a new poster has been revealed which entirely gives away the ending.

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is back in 2023, with the first part of an epic two-part finale event due out this Spring. To celebrate the release of Attack on Titan season 4, part 3, a poster has been revealed, which…completely spoils the ending. Be warned, there will be plenty of spoilers ahead, as we explain how the poster illustrates the big twist at the end of the popular anime series.

The artwork comes from series creator Hajime Isayama. In the illustration, Mikasa and Eren are shown side-by-side as they kneel with those who have helped them in their adventures. However, they have a severed head cradled in their hands, and it belongs to… Eren. A past version of Eren is the one we see kneeling next to Mikasa – who seems to be from the present. And as for the head – it has Eren’s present-day hair and facial markings.

The Attack on Titan manga went into its final few chapters with one hell of a big death, and it was Eren who bit the big one. The lead character – who is more of an anime villain than a hero by now – lets himself be killed by Mikasa, so everyone will realise how Eldians could save the world. And after she separates his head from his shoulders, Mikasa is seen kissing Eren’s head as a final farewell.

The cover art puts the series’ massive twist ending front and centre, and there are more hints regarding other characters littered around the poster. Levi and Zeke’s buddy-buddy pose is worth noting, as is Reiner’s pose with Falco.

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