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Bryan Cranston explains Walter White’s “impotent moustache”

Breaking Bad fans now have insight into the hit TV series and Walter White's look as Bryan Cranston explains the character's “impotent moustache”.

Bryan Cranston as Walter White in Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is one of the best TV series of all time, with Bryan Cranston’s portrayal of the character Walter White going down in history. However, the bald-headed meth genius’s actor had a surprising nickname for Walter’s striking appearance.

The thriller series follows the story of Walter White, a cancer-diagnosed chemistry teacher who turns into a drug kingpin wannabe after financial troubles kick in. In an interview with GQ Magazine, Cranston broke down his iconic role on the drama series and explained why he referred to Walter’s signature goatee as his “impotent moustache” and how it was tied directly to his character’s progression in the show.

“I started out that character very meek, very submissive and passive, a pushover because he didn’t know who he was. Then once I got that, I went, oh, he should be a little overweight with the love handles. He should be pasty white,” Cranston explained. “He should have a moustache that looks like, either grow one or cut it, one or the other. And then I called it an impotent moustache.”

Cranston went on to reveal how deep his knowledge on impotent moustaches truly goes, explaining how anyone can make their own questionable facial hair choice too. “If a moustache drops below the creases of the lips, no, that gets badass, that gets nasty. So you have to make sure that’s always above the crease of the lips,” he said.

“And you thin it out so you can see skin underneath it. And it doesn’t look as masculine. It just seems, what’s the point? Well, I was always looking for those what’s the point?” The actor continued. “And I chose my clothes in conversations with the costume designer to select clothes that blend in the wall, beiges, off-whites, pastels, soft yellows, things like that.”

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“Sand colour, anything, he didn’t, he disappeared. He was a nobody. I took all the colour highlights outta my hair, which I had. It was kind of brown with kind of reddish highlights. Took it all out, just deadened it, took the colour outta my face. All of a sudden, you start to see yourself and then you put on those clothes, and you go, I know you; let’s go play.”

You can watch Breaking Bad on the streaming service Netflix now. For more Netflix series, here is everything we know about Squid Game season 2 and The Witcher season 3.