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Stranger Things star wants to be this Batman villain in the new DCU

Jamie Campbell Bower, who played Vecna/One in season 4 of Netflix series Stranger Things, revealed which DC villain he'd want to play.

Vecna in Stranger Things season 4

Jamie Campbell Bower already terrified viewers with his take on Vecna, the main villain across Stranger Things season 4. But with the widely popular Netflix series coming to an end with season 5, the actor has already given some thought about the kind of characters he’d like to play next.

With the DCU getting a soft reboot by James Gunn, Bower revealed at Comfest 2o23 that it was a specific Batman villain that has caught his eye. “There’s been a lot of chatter about Scarecrow recently, that would be cool. To do that, that would be fun,” he said. “Very spooky, that would be great!”

Speaking of spookiness, Bower spoke to NME last year about how he prepared for his role as Hawkins’ tormentor. “One of the things that I would always say to myself and that I wrote down [while preparing] was, ‘You took everything from me, now it’s my turn to take everything from you’” he recalled.

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“Before Eleven sends him to his untimely demise in the Upside Down, he’s left alone in this space for a long time, stewing, with nobody to talk to. But while revenge does play a big part in his relationship with her, I think he probably still has a desire to take her with him and live in a different sort of way because she is part of him, and he recognises a lot of himself in her.”

But enough about Vecna — if you’re tired of waiting for the Stranger Things season 5 release date, check out our guides breaking down all the new movies coming out this year, and the new DCU slate, which is entitled ‘Chapter 1 Gods and Monsters.’