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Will there be a The Flash season 10?

Grant Gustin's time as Barry Allen has just concluded, but in the DCU anyone can be back for more. Here's what we know on if there will be The Flash season 10.

Grant Gustin as The Flash

Will there be another season of The Flash? Season 9 has just ended, and here’s what we know about the potential for a The Flash season 10.

This article contains minor spoilers for The Flash season 9. With The Flash season 9 finale, DCU fans finally had the chance to see the much-anticipated (and teased) battle between the Scarlet Speedster and Eddie Thawne as Cobalt Blue. It marked a conclusion to one of the best TV series in the superhero genre, and Grant Gustin said his goodbyes.

But is this really is for The Flash series forever? Will there be The Flash season 10, or has Gustin’s version of Barry Allen ran his final race.

Will there be a The Flash season 10?

There will not be another season of The Flash after season 9, and the final episode of the latest season was the grand finale for the show. That’s a big shame for fans of The Flash, who have been praising Gustin’s performance as the character for years.

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However, even though May marked the end of The Flash on TV screens for now, fans of the DCU still have plenty to look forward to as the new movie starring Barry Allen (in fact, two of him) and Michael Keaton’s Batman is coming down the tracks with some speed.

The Flash movie release date is scheduled for Friday, 16 June, 2023. That should help to ease the pain of The Flash TV series coming to an end.

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