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Will there be a Cunk on Earth season 2?

Philomena Cunk has taken the world by storm with her new series, but what do we know about the potential for Cunk on Earth season 2

Cunk on Earth season 2

Will there be a Cunk on Earth season 2? Charlie Brooker might be best known as the creator of Netflix’s Black Mirror, but the television writer also has another secret weapon up his sleeve.

That secret weapon goes by the name Philomena Cunk. Played by British actor Diane Morgan, Philomena Cunk is the fictional host of a documentary programmes: previously Cunk on Britain, and now the Netflix series Cunk on Earth. But these are documenters with a twist, and while they do explore interesting topics around national and global history, they’re also comedy series, with Cunk being a satirical investigative journalist.

In the TV series she asks real professionals and experts – who you would expect to see in a standard documentary – ill-informed and surreal questions. Like with any comedy, it sounds much less funny when you explain it than it actually is in reality because, trust us, it is very, very funny. But now that Cunk on Earth season 1 has hit screens, what do we know about Cunk on Earth season 2?

Will there be a Cunk on Earth season 2?

There has been no confirmation of a Cunk on Earth season 2 from either streaming service Netflix (who has broadcast the show internationally) or the BBC, who created the series and broadcast it originally in the UK.

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However, if Cunk on Earth performs well then the chances of Philomena Cunk getting another outing will increase, and there’s plenty of untapped potential for more from her.

We might just get an outright second season, or we might see something else like Cunk on America, or Cunk on Europe. That would be a lot of fun, and if audiences enjoy Cunk on Earth then they’d be bound to enjoy that too.

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