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How to watch Blue Jean

Blue Jean, the new movie by Georgia Oakley, is set to be released in cinemas in February 2023, so here's a guide on how to watch Blue Jeane on

how to watch blue jean: rosy mcewan in blue jean

Wondering how to watch Blue Jean? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Director Georgia Oakley’s theatrical feature debut is finally hitting UK theatres in February, and stars Rosy McEwan as the titular Jean.

Partially, Blue Jean is a movie based on a true story, as it delves into the devastating impact Section 28 had on the queer community in ’80s Britain. Introduced by UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in 1988, Section 28 was a range of laws that prohibited the “promotion of homosexuality” in schools, local authorities, or via published material.

After debuting at Venice Film Festival in September 2022, the drama movie is now on its way to a wider release — so here’s how to watch Blue Jean.

How to watch Blue Jean

If you live in the UK, you’ll be able to watch Blue Jean in cinemas from February 10, 2023.

There are also a select number of screenings prior to the release date in major UK cities such as London. To find out more about these screenings or to buy tickets in advance of the release date, check out the Altitude website.

However, the film is set to be screened at the Miami Film Festival in March 2023 and according to IMDB, will be distributed theatrically by Magnolia Pictures in the US. So, it feels safe to assume that you’ll be able to watch Blue Jean in US cinemas sometime in spring 2023.

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Can I stream Blue Jean?

At present, you can’t stream Blue Jean.

Because Blue Jean is made in association with BBC Films, we can probably expect the 2023 movie to pop up on BBC iPlayer sometime over the coming months.

However, if you’re looking to stream Blue Jean in the nearer future — both in the UK and the US, you’ll probably have more luck buying or renting it on platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV Plus once it arrives on digital.

For new movies, there’s usually a couple of months between its theatrical release and VOD release, so it feels safe to assume that we’ll get Blue Jean via VOD in the spring or summer of 2023.

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