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Lost creator’s new drama series was rejected for a strange reason

Damon Lindelof's latest series involves a nun taking on modern technology, including algorithms, and believes that's why it was initially rejected by a streamer

Betty Gilpin in Mrs Davis

Algorithms and artificial intelligence are increasingly dominating our lives in a myriad of ways that we’re mostly unaware of. They can even dictate which shows get cancelled or which get picked up for second seasons. And the creator of sci-fi series Lost believes his most recent drama series was initially rejected due to its negative depiction of algorithms.

Mrs. Davis is a new Peacock series starring GLOW’s Betty Gilpin as a nun who attempts to take on modern-day technology. The show’s creators are Tara Hernandez (Big Bang Theory) and Damon Lindelof (Lost, The Leftovers, Watchmen), with Hernandez show-running the series.

At a recent panel discussion of the show (via The Wrap), actor Jake McDorman said; “I’m not sure if I’m supposed to say this, but [Hernandez and Lindelof] were pitching the show before it had found Peacock — I won’t say what streaming service — but an algorithmic-inclined streamer, they loved it, but said they couldn’t do it because it painted an algorithm in a negative light. That was creepy. It felt like an algorithm shut down our show about an algorithm.”

Lindelof chimed in, saying, “It was almost like, they were really interested then, ‘Hold on, we’re not going to do it.” The show analyses how social media and algorithms affect the daily lives of humans, at a time when technology is being heavily used.

“We were sort of like, ‘We should have seen that coming,’” Lindelof said at the panel discussion. “I don’t think that the show is anti-tech any more than it’s anti-religion or pro-religion. It’s more so saying, ‘If we gave one person the power to turn it all off, should she?’ That felt like an interesting idea.” Mrs. Davis starts on April 20, 2023 on Peacock.

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