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The Super Mario Bros are now available for actual plumbing

Mario and Luigi are back, but it isn't just for their new movie. Instead, fans can learn about Super Mario Bros. Plumbing services

Mario and Luigi bumping fists during the Super Bowl advert

With the upcoming Super Mario Bros Movie set to hit theatres on April 7, 2023, promotion for the new movie was always a given. However, few fans expected to see the recent mock advert, which was aired during the Super Bowl, for Mario and Luigi’s plumbing business instead of a film trailer.

That is right, folks! Everyone’s favourite videogame plumbers are now open for business. In the creative clip, viewers got to see ‘Super Mario Bros. Plumbing’ services, which operates in Brooklyn and Queens, USA. Luigi and Mario, with plunger and wrench in hand, show off their skills, proving that while defeating the movie villain Bowser is all well and good, the two do engage in their stated plumbing profession beyond Warp Pipes.

This fun promotional tactic of the upcoming animated movie also went beyond the trailer. A new mock website for ‘Super Mario Bros. Plumbing’ – featuring client testimonials and a careers page – is also up and available for fans to explore.

Besides the new website and fun ad, long-time Mario fans may have also recognised the song playing in the fictional advert. While Mario and Luigi fix a sink ‘The Mario Rap’ from the ’80s TV series The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! plays. The nostalgia works great as the ’80s call-back matches the grainy and sun-soaked camera quality of the animated AD too.

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But don’t be fooled, friends. While this ad is set in the US, the upcoming family movie, the Super Mario Bros Movie, will be taking place in the Mushroom Kingdom and won’t be featuring any of the live-action stylings from ‘Captain’ Lou Albano (who played Mario in the show) or Danny Wells (who played Luigi).

Instead, Chris Pratt, of Marvel movie fame, is voicing Mario in the 2023 movie. Charlie Day, best known for his work on the comedy series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, is playing Luigi. The upcoming film also features the cartoon characters Peach (Anya-Taylor Joy), Toad (Keegan-Michael Key), Donkey Kong (Seth Rogen), and Bowser (Jack Black).

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