Star Trek: USS Titan explained

Star Trek: The USS Titan explained. The USS Titan is a fan favourite ship, so what do we know about the Starfleet vessel's history and future?

Star Trek: USS Titan explained: Riker in Lower Decks

USS Titan explained. Like any good space-exploring sci-fi series, Star Trek is known for its gorgeous ships. Whether it’s the Constitution class, the Galaxy class, the Miranda class, the California class, or the Akira class, every Star Trek fan has their favourite type of Starfleet vessel, and they’re proudly displayed in the many Star Trek series.

Often it’s the ships on the margins that receive some of the most love, like Jean-Luc Picard’s USS Stargazer. So, it’s no surprise then to see that the USS Titan, which has barely had any Star Trek screen time, is a huge favourite among fans who would do nearly anything to see more of the ship.

In celebration of that, we’ve put together a definitive guide to the history and future of the USS Titan.

The USS Titan’s history

The USS Titan is a Luna class Starfleet vessel which entered service in the late 24th century. The USS Titan’s Starfleet service history began when Captain Riker, now promoted from Commander of the USS Enterprise after the events of Star Trek movie Nemesis, assumed captaincy of the vessel. He sanctioned the transfer of his wife, Commander Diana Troi, off the Enterprise and onto the USS Titan with him.

Star Trek: USS Titan explained: USS Titan in Lower Decks

In the aftermath of the events of the science fiction movie, the USS Titan’s first assignment, with Captain Riker aboard, was to lead the delegation who were exploring the possibility of a new, positive relationship with the Romulans. As we see in Star Trek: Picard later on, this mission does not appear to have been entirely successful.

Seen from the animated series Lower Decks, thanks to the captaincy of William Riker, the USS Titan develops a prestigious reputation as one of the best postings in Starfleet. This is especially demonstrated in the Cerritos crew’s reaction to the USS Titan’s intervention, when it helps to free the ship from an assault from three Pakled vessels.

The USS Titan went on to become an important ship in the Pakled conflict, and was involved in multiple battles. In 2381, the ship was stationed away from Starbase 25 specifically to deter the threat of Pakled attack during the command conference.

The ship’s adventures seem to have continued until the 2391, when Captain Riker retired to live on Nepenthe with Deanna Troi and their children.

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The Future of the USS Titan

Despite the decommissioning of the ship, and Captain Riker’s retirement, the USS Titan’s adventures are far from over, and it looks like we’re going to see the latest version of the USS Titan in Star Trek: Picard season 3.

That’s because the trailer for Star Trek: Picard gave us our first look at the Titan-A, a newly commissioned ship carrying the name and legacy of the Titan, attached to the new Constellation class. It looks like Admiral Picard, and his former crew from The Next Generation will use the Titan-A to rescue Beverly Crusher in the final season of the sci-fi drama series, so we’ll finally get a proper, in-depth look at a Starfleet ship with the name ‘Titan’.

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