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Rob McElhenney teases new faces for Welcome to Wrexham season 2

Lace up your boots because Rob McElhenney has shared a Welcome to Wrexham tease about new faces we can expect to see on the pitch in season 2.

Rob McElhenney sits with Ryan Reynolds

Welcome to Wrexham, the TV series following a struggling English football team as they attempt to turn things around, it aired its season 1 on Disney Plus. The series is somewhat of a Ted Lasso alternative if you happen to be a documentary person.

Rob McElhenney of the comedy series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fame, and Ryan Reynolds, most known for his Deadpool in the Marvel movies, gave AFC Wrexham a second chance when they purchased the club and decided to help preserve its place in football history — Welcome to Wrexham is what football is all about.

With Welcome to Wrexham season 2 on its way to us sometime in 2023, McElhenney took to social media to give us a little tease about the upcoming season.

“The excellence continues,” McElhenney said, sharing a tweet made by Wrexham AFC Women’s official Twitter account. The initial post celebrates the news of a full-time whistle blowing with an 8-1 final score in their favour after a “bruising” home encounter.

He continued, “Cannot wait for the world to meet these women,” finishing the post with a smiley face and a Welsh flag emoji. From what it sounds like, the women’s team will be getting some love in season 2 of the sports series. Exciting news for the players and fans alike.

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It’s great to see some attention get paid to the women of Wrexham, and we can assume the series is going to open up in new ways for its sophomore season.

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