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Umbrella Academy season 4 cast adds The Last of Us star

We may not know The Umbrella Academy season 4 release date yet but we can expect some familiar faces to appear on the Netflix series when it returns.

The cast of The Umbrella Academy

When you think of superhero shows, you probably think about Marvel series or maybe The Boys, but they’re not the only TV series about the cape and cowl crowd. The streaming service Netflix has its own superhero show called the Umbrella Academy.

Based on the comic book by Gerard Way (yes, that Gerard Way), the story follows a team of superpowered teenagers who are adopted by the billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves in the hopes of stopping the apocalypse. Basically, it’s like watching some of the best teen movies from your youth if they starred your favourite X-Men characters.

So far, Netflix has released three series of the hit show, but The Umbrella Academy season 4 is in the works, and it seems one of the most popular members of The Last of Us cast is about to join the Netflix series.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Nick Offerman and the comedian Megan Mullally is joining the Umbrella Academy cast.

It was Mullally, who’s probably best known for her work on the comedy series Parks and Rec and who just so happens to be Offerman’s wife, who broke the news, telling ET at the premiere for Party Down season 3 about the news.

“I mean, the deal’s not quite closed but let’s just pretend it is,” she told ET, explaining that they’ll start filming “in a couple of weeks.” According to Mullally, the pair will be play a pair of married college professors called Jean and Gene.

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Offerman’s star seems to be on the rise, having recently played Bill in The Last of Us TV series. His episode, The Last of Us episode 3, received rave reviews online, with many calling it the best episode in the horror series run.

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