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1923 star isn’t sad his character died because he met Harrison Ford

Death is commonplace in the world of Yellowstone, but a 1923 star says he isn't upset his character died, he's just happy he met Harrison Ford.

Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren in Yellowstone 1923

When it comes to Yellowstone, characters bite the dust pretty regularly, but it doesn’t have to be a sad moment for the actors involved. In fact, one star of the TV series Yellowstone 1923 has admitted he doesn’t even mind that his character died because he got to meet Harrison Ford in the process anyway.

The Yellowstone timeline has expanded once more recently, with the drama series 1923 taking the small screen by storm. The streaming service hit has Star Wars cast alum Ford in the lead role alongside the star power of Helen Mirren. The show is so popular that a Yellowstone 1923 season 2 is in the pipeline already.

Unfortunately, James Badge Dale will not return to the Yellowstone cast for the sophomore season. But, he told Looper he isn’t too gutted about that, and it’s all thanks to Harrison Ford.

On the experience, the actor said: “This is why I was there. That’s the gift that Taylor [Sheridan] gave me.”

Dale was full of praise for Ford, too, adding: “He’s a very kind, generous actor. I’m just really appreciative for that time I spent with him.” The actor didn’t reveal too much about that time, but said: “A lot of the memories, you need to keep personal. But what I will say is, he said to me one morning, ‘I’m still struck by how lucky I am.’ And I said, ‘I feel the same way.'”

So, while we have seen the last of James Badge Dale and his character, John Dutton Sr, at least the actor has plenty of great memories to treasure. Plus, it’s always fun to get a good death scene, right?

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