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Is You based on a real story?

You is the hit Netflix series that's been taking the world by storm with its stories of love and murder, but is You based on a true story.

Penn Badgley in You

Is You based on a true story? You is one of the biggest Netflix shows, around, starring Penn Badgley in the leading role as the charismatic but very-murderous Joe Goldberg.

The TV series follows Goldberg as he assumes various identities across various locations while he looks to detach himself from his past. That means that each new season introduces fresh faces, and the Netflix series keeps on reinventing itself along the way.

You season 4, which has now made its debut on the streaming service, has shaken up the formula, and now Joe himself is the one in threat of danger. But what inspired the show in the first place, and is You based on a real story? 

Is You based on a real story?

You is not based on a true story. However, it is an adaption of a series of novels by author Caroline Kepnes. Kepnes’ book series follows the same plot, albeit with differences along the way.

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Her ‘You’ series of novels is still in the works, and while it currently consists of ‘You’, ‘Hidden Bodies’, and ‘You love me’, the books are set to continue with the upcoming ‘For You and You only’. That’s great news for fans of You, because by the time the thriller series comes to an end, they can turn to the You novels to rediscover the story in another light.

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