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Does Joel die in The Last of Us episode 6?

Things get bloody as we learn the hard way that there other dangers besides infected in the drama series, but does Joel die in The Last of Us episode 6?

Does Joel dies in The Last of Us episode 6

Does Joel die in The Last of Us episode 6? The show based on the best-selling videogame has gotten to a climactic point in the story, where Joel and Ellie can finally see an end to their quest.

The Last of US characters are reminded that good still exists in the world, as they can go back to Tommy’s outpost in Wyoming when all is said and done. They still have to bring Ellie to the Firefly based, though, and like everything in this horror series, it’s not going to be easy.

At the end though, does Joel die in The Last of Us episode 6? We have some good news as we break done the drama series cliffhanger.

Does Joel die in The Last of Us episode 6?

Unless the HBO series has seriously changed the story, no, Joel does not die in The Last of Us episode 6. His injury from being stabbed by that roving hunter is severe, and he loses a lot of blood, but him and Ellie have some way to go yet.

This whole scene plays out similarly to Naughty Dog’s horror game, where Joel and Ellie discover that the Fireflies have moved from Colorado to Salt Lake City. While exploring the abandoned based, they’re set upon by a small group of raiders, that leads to a bloody fight.

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Joel takes one of them down, but they leave a mark. Alone, lost, and afraid, Ellie has to figure her way out. That’s for the next The Last of Us episode.

the LAst of Us is available on NOW in the UK, and HBO Max in the UK. We have guides to The Last of Us cast, Clickers, and Bloaters if you want to continue reading about zombies.