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Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson found this rom-com scene difficult

Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey celebrated the anniversary of a particular com-com, and revealed that one was trickier than the others

Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Making a good rom-com seems like a great experience. Everyone’s just having a laugh and occasionally getting mushy, it’s the dream! Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey had a generally good time on one romance movie – except for one scene.

In an Instagram reunion for How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days, the two stars reminisced about producing the comedy movie. During the delightful conversation, the ‘You’re So Vain’ scene is brought up, where the two lovebirds have a go at each other on stage at a company event. Some venom is thrown around, and there was some tension behind the camera.

“Underneath, probably for things that were happening in character and out of character and off-set, we’d gotten under each other’s skin a little bit,” McConaughey comments. “We were legitimately kind of pissed off at each other in a really cool way. Like OK, that worked. But can we inject a little more of the charm and the love and the desire and the lust in there?”

You can certainly sense some of that in the scene, and it just makes the adventure movie all the sweeter when the climax happens. Hudson recalls that they tested each other’s abilities here and there.

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“When you went one direction, I went with you,” Hudson says. “But then I would be like, ‘I’m gonna throw him off a little bit. Let’s see what happens if I do a sharp right.'” Directed by Donald Petrie, How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days follows Andie (Hudson), a magazine journalist who decides to write a column on what not do in a relationship.

The man she uses as her subject is Benjamin (McConaughey), a charmer convinced he can woo any woman. They have their foibles, before learning to drop their misconceptions and embrace their true feelings – the usual.

It came out in 2003, and was a large success, enough so to make a small commemoration worthwhile. Have a look at our list of new movies to see what’s coming up, and our guide to the best romance anime if you want more lovebirds.