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Ant-Man 3 ending and post-credits scenes explained

Our guide to the Ant-Man 3 ending breaks down the climax of Paul Rudd's new Marvel movie, as well as the Quantumania post-credits scenes.

Ant-Man 3 ending explained

What happens in the Ant-Man 3 ending? The world’s smallest superhero, he’s back, and now he’s facing the biggest threat in the known multiverse.

Paul Rudd travels to the Quantum Realm for his latest Marvel movie, where he meets MCU characters Kang the Conqueror and MODOK. The Marvel villains present an existential threat to the fabric of reality, and now the one and only Ant-Man has to save everyone.

Several other Ant-Man characters are along for the ride, and it’s an explosive one. What goes in the Ant-Man 3 ending? How is Avengers 5 set up? We break it all down for you into easy, ant-sized chunks.

What happens in the Ant-Man 3 ending?

The Ant-Man 3 ending is a wild one. The war for the Quantum Realm comes down to a fight between Scott and Kang, who’s been severely damaged by Hank’s super-intelligent ants.

Janet Van Dyne manages to open a portal for Scott, Cassie, Hank, and Hope to escape, but Kang interrupts them. Scott and Hope are stuck behind, battling him. Hope manages to get through, but Scott has a harder time. He and Kang trade blows and tear each other down.

Eventually, they land over by Kang’s busted Quantum engine. Kang taunts Scott, who responds he “doesn’t need to win, they just both have to lose”, before slamming a bunch of Pym particles onto Kang’s drive.

Ant-Man 3 ending explained

This causes an overload in Quantum energy that sucks in Kang, gradually reducing him to nothingness. Scott then steps through the portal, and the family is reunited.

We cut to Scott talking through another internal monologue about his strange life, picking up a cake for Cassie’s birthday. He ponders if he actually managed to defeat Kang or if he’d somehow doomed the universe, but then decides just to enjoy a family dinner instead. Cute!

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What happens in the Ant-Man 3 mid-credits scene?

The Ant-Man 3 mid-credits scene makes it clear the Kang problem is far from over. Three Kang variants are talking about the death of Kang of Conqueror in the main MCU timeline. Then, as they walk away from viewing the multiverse, they reveal a courtyard full of arriving variants.

This is the Council of Kangs, all travellers from different parts of the multiverse. Their coming together sets up Marvel’s Phase 5 properly and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes battling the Kang Dynasty.

Ant-Man 3 ending explained

What happens in the Ant-Man 3 post-credits scene?

The Ant-Man post-credits scene is something a little closer to home. In 1901, Kang tokes the stage as Victor Timely showing off some new-fangled gadget, and Loki and agent Mobius are in the audience. Mobius turns to Loki, confused that this is the guy they’re looking for.

Loki confirms it’s him, the most dangerous being in the multiverse, and then we get the classic Marvel sting, ‘Kang will return’. Yes, yes, he will, and it’s going to be a wild ride.

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