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Breaking Bad Super Bowl ad is Walter White’s “retiring episode”

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are returning to their iconic roles of Breaking Bad's Walt and Jesse for a Super Bowl commercial, say this really is the last time

Breaking Bad

Bryan Cranston has barely had the chance to hang up his pork pie hat, yellow overalls or his Wallabees since one of the best TV series ever, Breaking Bad, ended a decade ago. He has returned to his iconic character of Walter White twice – in 2019’s El Camino and in Better Call Saul last year. But he claims that Walter really is retiring this time, after a Super Bowl commercial for chips.

Speaking to Extra TV, Cranston said; “I’ve had opportunities to bring Walter White back into the milieu twice. I did it for Aaron’s movie El Camino, and then once again for Better Call Saul. We were able to come back, and each time we think ‘well this is the last time we’re ever going to do this’ and then Pop Corners called and it was like ‘well we’ll do it one more time, then that’s it.’ So, this might be the retiring episode for of the Breaking Bad universe.”

Cranston hasn’t had much opportunity to miss his co-star Aaron Paul since Breaking Bad ended either, because they co-own a successful brand of mescal together.

Breaking Bad has become a popular internet meme with teenagers, leading to a new generation of fans discovering the crime series. Better Call Saul’s success has obviously also sustained interested in Breaking Bad’s supporting characters such as Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks), Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito), the Salamanca family, and Lydia (Laura Fraser).

Given Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul’s clear affection for their characters, it seems unlikely that this Super Bowl commercial is the last we’ll see of Walt and Jesse. We just wish that Cranston’s other best role – Hal in comedy series Malcolm in the Middle – was also given his due!

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