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Doctor Who’s first ever companion is “honoured” fans want her back

Carole Ann Ford, who played the first Doctor Who companion Susan, is flabbergasted that she topped a poll of companions that fans want to see return

Doctor Who's first companion

The Radio Times recently ran a poll asking Doctor Who fans which of the companions from the original series – which ran from 1963-1989 – they would like to see brought back into the show’s revival era. A whopping 43 per cent of fans voted for the original companion, Susan, to the First incarnation of the Doctor – played by William Hartnell.

Carole Ann Ford, who played Susan, is amazed by the results and says that she would love to come back. She told the Radio Times; “That’s amazing, I’m absolutely flabbergasted. I’m very honoured!”

Speaking about why people resonate with the character of Susan, she added; “The idea of her, what I was told after I got the part, was she would be the eyes and ears of the young people watching it, that her reaction would be the perceived reactions of them, so therefore they would probably identify with her. She was unique because she was the Doctor’s granddaughter, which gave her a special relationship with him.”

As for whether she would be open to returning? “Are you kidding?! Do you really have to ask? I’d love to be in it as it is now! I’d love to experience all the money they spend on it now – it’s done like a film! I would adore to be in it now.”

The 60th Anniversary Specials will be broadcast later in 2023, which will see the return of David Tennant and Catherine Tate, as well as the introduction of new Doctor Ncuti Gatwa and Yasmin Finney as a character called Rose (which surely isn’t a coincidence).

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