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David Harbour’s closet has a Hellboy photo and you won’t guess why

David Harbour keeps a secret photo from his time on the superhero movie Hellboy in the back of his closet, and you won't be able to guess why

David Harbour as hellboy

Deep inside his closet David Harbour keeps a photo of himself as Hellboy and it’s for a pretty hilarious reason. David Harbour was shot to international attention back in 2016 thanks to his role in Netflix sci-fi series Stranger Things.

In the TV series, he plays Jim Hopper who is chief of police in the town of Hawkins. For his time in the role, Harbour has been nominated for multiple awards, receiving mainstream recognition along the way, opening the door for further success. This has come in the form of MCU movies and other action movies, including the Hellboy reboot.

Harbour starred as the titular horned demon back in 2019, however the movie was a commercial flop. This put an end to any chance of Harbour returning for a sequel, instead leaving him free to pursue other paths.

However, while the failure of Hellboy was undoubtedly a low point in the actor’s recent career, he still manages to use it in a positive way. While giving a tour of his home, for Architectural Digest, Harbour gave audiences a look at his walk-in closet which is packed full of clothes, a desk, a notebook and… a framed picture of his time from Hellboy?

The actor grabbed the picture from the back of his closet and showed it to the camera, saying, “Whenever I’m feeling particularly good at myself, I like to remember where I came from,” showing the headshot from the movie.

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While the actor was clearly enjoying himself and having a joke, he was also making it clear that he doesn’t feel too hurt by the failure of Hellboy, and that he used his experience on it as a learning curve. That’s a pretty good attitude for an actor to have, if you ask us.

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