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Ted Lasso star reveals the hardest moment of the comedy series to film

It must be difficult to get through filming Ted Lasso without breaking and laughing, as Brendan Hunt confirms, especially if you have to say pee-pee fingers

Ted Lasso

For the cast of hit Apple series Ted Lasso, it must be very difficult making it through the filming of scenes without corpsing (which is actor speak for laughing when you’re not supposed to be). It must be especially tough for Brendan Hunt – who plays monosyllabic and po-faced Coach Beard.

Hunt recently did a Reddit AMA and was asked about one particular scene, in which an eagle-eyed viewer thought he caught a flicker of a smile, as if he was about to break into laughter. The scene was particularly challenging, because of which members of the Ted Lasso cast were involved. It’s from season one, episode six, which is called Two Aces.

Jason Sudeikis (Ted), Nick Mohammed (Nate), Jeremy Swift (Higgins), Toheeb Jimoh (Sam), and Brett Goldstein (Roy) are all in the scene alongside Hunt – so you can see why it would be especially hard to keep a straight face. Ted says; “If one more person says something that me and Beard don’t understand, I’m gonna have one of my son’s classic temper tantrums. It’s basically just him calling me a bunch of silly names – like dummy head, or poo-poo face, or poo-poo dummy. What am I missing?”

Beard offers up; “Pee-Pee fingers.” In the Reddit AMA (via Looper), Hunt was asked;  “Are you on the verge of breaking just before saying pee-pee fingers? I see a ghost of a smile, and I live for people breaking character!”

“Well spotted! This was the hardest scene to do in the entire season. We were all f***ing dying the entire time,” recalled Hunt of the comedy series. He added, “Maybe because it was the first time that it was just those five dudes in one room? Or maybe we’re just shamefully unprofessional? BOTH!?!!”

Ted Lasso season 3 will finally be hitting our screens on March 15, after a long old wait. While we bide our time, check out our guide to the best Apple TV shows.