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What happens to Joe’s son in You?

If you're watching You season 4, you may be wondering what's happened to Joe's son, but don't worry we have the answers for you right here.

Penn Badgley as Joe, with his son, in the Netflix series You

What happens to Joe’s son in You? If you’ve been keeping track of the wild events in Joe’s life in You, there may be some lingering questions about the whereabouts of Joe’s little baby boy as season 4 hits our screens.

The Netflix series is one of those incredible TV series that just keeps getting more and more bizarre, and that’s exactly why we love You. The crazy life of Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) is addictive to watch, and with the You season 4 release date now upon us, there’s so much more to unravel.

After the unbelievable events of You season 3, the new chapter of the drama series had to introduce new faces to the You cast, but one little person is missing. So, what happened to Joe’s son in You? We have the answers right here.

What happened to Joe’s son in You?

Joe leaves his son, Henry, on the doorstep of his neighbours Dante and Lansing at the end of You season 3. After killing his wife, Love, Joe needs a fresh start and abandons his son to completely leave his past behind him.

So, there will be no Love in You season 4, and no Henry either. To be honest, Henry is probably far better off without his murderous father anyway.

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