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Yellowstone season 5 star hints at serious upcoming change

Yellowstone season 5 is set for a major change to a dynamic to two key characters, and it could hint at some major character development

Yellowstone season 5 release date: Kevin Costner and Cole Hauser in Yellowstone

Cole Hauser, who plays Rip Wheeler in the hit drama series Yellowstone, has shed light on a major change that’s set to kick in with the upcoming season 5. Rip Wheeler has been an important character throughout Yellowstone, as a worker on the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

His close relationship with Kevin Costner’s John Dutton is one of the TV series‘ most compelling attributes and has grown and evolved with subtle changes as the show has progressed. But the dynamic between the duo is about to shift with Yellowstone season 5.

Now, speaking to EW, Hauser has shared how Yellowstone season 5 will be shaking things up between Rip and John Dutton. The actor said “[John’s] actually a little bit more of a teacher than he’s ever been with [Rip] this year. He’s also putting more responsibility [on Rip] as someone who’s running the ranch. [John’s] the governor, and he has lot of things going on in his own world.”

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But that’s not all. The actor continued “There’s some nice moments where he talks about, not necessarily responsibility, but just things that Rip has never been asked to do. There’s a lot more on Rip’s shoulders this year when it comes to running the ranch and not having John around to bounce ideas off and having to deal with issues and problems that in the past I would be able to come to him with. So in that way, it’s a pretty cool relationship that’s different than what we’ve seen in the past.”

That’s a significant change, and hints at some important character development for both John, who looks set to become slightly more trusting, and Rip who will relish the chance to prove himself more in John’s eyes. Of course, there’s the potential that it could backfire if Rip doesn’t live up to his new responsibility, but we trust that he’ll do just fine.

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