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Andor creator Tony Gilroy doesn’t think Syril Karn is a fascist

Throughout Andor, the Star Wars spin-off series designed as a prequel to Rogue One, we've seen Syril Karn do some questionable things

Kyle Soller as Syril Karn in Andor

Syril Karn, played by Kyle Soller, is one of the most intriguing new characters in Star Wars: Andor — although fans are divided over whether his commitment to the Galactic Empire make him a fascist. On the official Star Wars website, Karn is described as someone who “believes wholeheartedly in order and justice. The ambitious inspector hopes to make a name for himself within the ranks of the Empire by quelling signs of rebellious activity and exposing lawbreakers.”

Of course, his climb up the slippery pole in the Empire’s ranks has been somewhat derailed by the end of Andor season 1, and in a new interview with MSN, Star Wars series creator Tony Gilroy provided some fresh insight on the Star Wars villain.

“He’s not a fascist,” Gilroy insisted. “He’s unformed, really. He obviously likes rules. He likes order. We see the chaotically emotional landscape that he has been brought up in, and the simplicity of things being the way they are supposed to be and people doing their jobs is what keeps him sane.”

He continued,  “Fighting chaos is what keeps him sane, and that energy and that motivation is, ideologically, up for grabs. I don’t think Dedra’s ideology is up for grabs. I obviously don’t think the ISB’s is either, but there’s something unformed about Syril.”

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“It’s just as easy to see him going in a number of directions. So his issues are much more personal at this point; they’re more behavioral and psychological than they are ideological.”

To see where Syril’s journey goes next, you’ll have to tune into Andor season 2. Meanwhile, if you’re wondering what planets is Andor set on, and asking yourself: will Emperor Palpatine be in Andor? We’ve got your back.