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This Margot Robbie movie made her realise she’s good at acting

Hollywood actor Margot Robbie realised that they might be a good actor after watching their leading performance in one particular drama movie

From The Wolf of Wall Street to DC movies, everyone knows that Margot Robbie is a great actor. However, it took the drama movie star a little time to realise that for herself. Speaking at the event BAFTA: A Life in Pictures, per The Hollywood Reporter, she revealed that it was her performance in I, Tonya that caused her to realise that maybe she was good at acting after all.

2017’s I, Tonya was a movie based on a true story that follows the complicated life of champion figure skater Tonya Harding, with Robbie undertaking the titular role. The black comedy movie proved to be a hit, with Robbie earning Best Actress nominations at both the Academy Awards and Golden Globes.

“I, Tonya was the first time I watched a movie and went, ‘OK, I’m a good actor’,” she explained. According to Robbie, this realisation caused her to her to feel “good enough” to “reach out to my idols” to work on more ambitious films. One such idol was Quentin Tarantino, and after reaching out to him, she ultimately ended up playing Sharon Tate in 2019’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

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Although she faced criticism for her lack of screentime in the film, Robbie said it “did not bother her,” because upon watching the movie, she came to the conclusion that “we got across what we wanted to get across.”

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