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Harry Potter: who did Dumbledore have a crush on?

Who did Dumbledore have a crush on in the Harry Potter movies? Dumbledore is a fascinating Harry Potter characters, but what do we know about his love life

Harry Potter: who is Dumbledore's crush? Michael Gambon as Dumbledore

Who did Dumbledore have a crush on? Throughout the Harry Potter movies, Dumbledore remains a mysterious character, with plenty of the information about his personal history, relationships, and background remaining ambiguous.

While he forms a close relationship with Harry Potter himself in the fantasy movies, the young wizard comes to realise how little he really knows about the headmaster of Hogwarts. This is emphasised when he learns about Dumbledore’s early links to Gellert Grindelwald, and this linked into the story of the Elder Wand.

But what do we know about Dumbledore’s love life? Was he ever in a relationship? We’ll cover all this, when we look into who did Dumbledore have a crush on.

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Who did Dumbledore have a crush on?

Dumbledore had a crush on Gellert Grindelwald, who also acted as one of the main antagonists in the Fantastic Beasts, while also making an appearance in Harry Potter too. The two shared a complex relationship, and while they had prolonged romantic feelings for each other for a long period of time, however, they were split apart by their ideological differences. How sad.

Other than that, the history of Dumbledore’s romantic relationships are not well known. It’s possible that his crush on Grindelwald was the extent of his love life.

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