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Jon Hamm is so attractive his Mad Men co-stars forgot their lines

Jon Hamm and Christina Hendricks are an attractive pair, but you're probably not prepared for how people reacted to their presence on the set of Mad Men

Jon Hamm as Don Draper in Mad Men

Jon Hamm sure is one g00d-looking chap. Whether it’s in the adrenaline pumping action movie Top Gun: Maverick, Edgar Wright’s crime thriller movie Baby Driver, or one of his many TV series, the actor’s charm is usually one of the main takeaways for any audience. However, was in his critically acclaimed drama series Mad Man, as Don Draper where Hamm’s attractiveness really had the most profound impact.

Speaking to The Independent, his co-star John Slattery (who played Roger in the series) said that when Hamm walked into a room the people around them would go “catatonic”. He also said that when people saw Christina Hendricks, who also had a main role on the series, people would “shit themselves”.

“When Hamm walked into a room in that get-up, people would just go catatonic. Guest stars would sometimes walk up to him and their lines would go right out of their heads. They just wouldn’t know what to do. It happened on more than one occasion. Christina Hendricks would walk into the room and people would shit themselves — it was amazing.”

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Speaking about the fact that Jon Hamm got the role of Draper over him, Slattery continued “[Jon Hamm] claims I was in a bad mood the whole time we shot the first episode because of this, but I don’t think that’s true. Eventually I saw him, and I was like, ‘Oh — they sure do have that guy.”

Whether it’s falling unconscious at the sight of Hamm, or pooping your pants upon seeing Christina Hendricks, we think both reactions are completely justified. The two have a presence that radiates off the screen, so we can only imagine what it must be like in person.