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Why did the Addams Family name their daughter Wednesday?

The new Addams family Netflix series stars Jenna Ortegas as the titular character, but what's the meaning behind her name? Why's Wednesday called Wednesday

Jenny Ortega as Wednesday Addams in the new Netflix series

Why did the Addams Family name their daughter Wednesday?  The new Netflix series, Wednesday, is a spin-off series from the beloved Addams Family comedy horror series and movies.

Helmed by gothic icon Tim Burton, who reinvented the tone of the Batman movies, the series explores the young Wednesday Addams. played by Jenna Ortega, as she journeys in the footsteps of her parents to attend the Nevermore Academy.

The character has always been a huge fan-favourite, so it’s no surprise to see that a new drama series following her adventures has done so well on the streaming service charts. However, though fans have got to know Wednesday Addams a bit better, audiences are still wondering ‘why Wednesday is called Wednesday?’

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Why was Wednesday called Wednesday?

Wednesday came to have such an excellent name because of her parent’s gothic tendencies. We all know that Wednesday is one of the worst days of the week, and in celebration of that misery the two Addams decided to give the word to their daughter as her name. Heartwarming!

In fact, in the very first episode of the new TV series, Morticia Addams points out the reasoning for Wednesday’s name herself. Not so mysterious, after all. For more on Wednesday, check out our guides to what cello song Wednesday playsUncle Fester, young Morticia, and the Nevermore Academy monster.