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Jonathan Majors threw himself out of a moving car trying to be Batman

While Jonathan Majors is now the over-arching Marvel villain Kang, when he was 6, he thought he was Batman - which led to some dangerous stunts

Jonathan Majors

Jonathan Majors may be the new over-arching Marvel villain for the upcoming batch of movies, but when he was a kid – he didn’t love Spider-Man or the Hulk, he loved Batman. He recently told a story about how much he thought he was Batman when he was six, and how it led to him performing some death-defying stunts.

Majors says; “When I was 6 years old, my mother made me a Batman-themed birthday party, and my brilliant mother made a Batman suit, with the cape and the muscles. My birthday’s in September, and I thought ‘well, October is here, I’m just going to keep it on.’ So I wore it for Halloween, or as we called it in my house, Hallelujah night. Because my mom was a Pastor, I didn’t have Halloween until I was like 19.”

“Time goes along, I don’t take this thing off. Maybe 9 months later, my Mom’s driving, I’ve got my cape on. That’s the only thing left, the muscles have come off. I’ve got my cape on and we’re driving up the street.”

Majors continues; “I say; ‘Mom, I’m gonna do it.’ She says; ‘J-Boo, whatcha gonna do?’ I say; “Mama, watch this, I can do it, I’m Batman.’ You always see Batman jump out the car, he rolls and lands. I see the house, and I go; ‘this is my time, this is it, action!’ Open the door, throw myself out, roll, roll, roll and land. My Mom is screaming her head off; ‘Boy! What the hell are you doing?!’ I stand up and say ‘Mama, Mama, Mama!’ She beats my ass, but at 6 years old, I learned for a fact that I can do my own stunts.”

Majors’ Batman suit muscles have been replaced with very, very real ones – that will soon be seen in Creed III and in his upcoming Marvel appearances as Kang, including Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

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