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Is One Piece Film: Red a musical?

The new One Piece movie is all about the pop star Uta, but despite the story taking place during her concert is One Piece Film: Red really a musical?

One Piece Film Red: Luffy smiling at Uta's concert

Is One Piece Film: Red a musical? The latest entry to the beloved anime series franchise, One Piece Film: Red, introduces a brand new villain – the pop star, and Shanks’ estranged daughter Uta. Luffy and his crew are forced into a new adventure after Uta’s concert turns out to be a scheme for world domination. And like every concert in real life, music is involved.

But how much music exactly? As many One Piece fans will already know, when it comes to the Straw Hat’s outings, stories are typically based around colourful fights and captivating adventure. When you think King of the Pirates, (sea shanties aside), you don’t really think musical, right? With this in mind, there has been some confusion as to the sub-genre of One Piece Film: Red which is based around Uta and her singing powers.

Well, fear not anime fans, The Digital Fix is here to help. Here we go over the new anime movie’s genre definition and let you know is One Piece Film: Red is a musical or not.

Is One Piece Film: Red a musical?

One Piece Film: Red is technically classified as an action-adventure movie, so not a musical in name, but in reality, let’s be honest, it is one. This statement may seem a bit confusing at first glance so allow us to explain.

Despite the official description of One Piece Film: Red stating that it isn’t a musical outright, you can’t deny that the animated movie firmly moves into musical territory – primarily thanks to the movie villain Uta. Uta, a pop star and the user of Uta Uta no Mi Devil Fruit, is constantly singing every time she is on screen. In every fight, every touching moment, every flashback, there is a song to back the action.

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Hell, the story’s main secret weapon, Tot Musica, is the Demon King of Songs and requires Uta Uta no Mi users to break out a tune in order to summon it. So I mean, come on, One Piece Film: Red is an unofficial musical in our eyes anyway.

Obviously, we have had music in One Piece before, with the One Piece character Brook being the musician of the Straw Hat Pirates. Still, there hasn’t really been a full musical movie in the franchise until now. So, get ready for some catchy beats One Piece fans, because you can now see the new animated movie for yourself in cinemas!

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