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Strange World ending and post-credit scenes explained

How does the new Disney movie end? Here we break down the Strange World ending, reveal if there are any post-credit scenes and discuss a potential sequel

Strange World ending explained: Ethan and Splat

How does Strange World end? Strange World is the latest animated movie from the magical Kingdom of Disney and is full of adventure and mysteries to uncover. There are twists, turns, dangerous monsters, and plenty of suspense. In fact, with so much action jammed into one family movie, it can be tricky to keep track of all the details in this colourful story.

Set in the fictional world of Avalonia, Strange World follows the Clade family, who are tasked with saving the power source of their civilisation – a plant called Pando. Embarking on the ship, The Venture, Searcher Clade and his stowaway son Ethan search for the heart of Pando and soon end up stranded in a subterranean world filled with gelatinous creatures, monsters named Reapers, and Searcher’s estranged explorer father, Jaeger.

The reunited family races to save Pando from the Reapers. However, soon they learn a mind-boggling truth about the world they live in. There are puzzles, mysteries, and big reveals – all of which can be confusing. So to make life easier, here we go over the end of Strange World and reveal if we can expect a Strange World 2.

How does Strange World end?

Strange World ends with some twists, a huge battle and some family healing. The humans finally make their way to the heart of Pando – where the plant is its strongest.

However, they find the roots of Pando being relentlessly attacked by the Reapers and other flying ‘monsters’. The crew, desperate to save their power source, realise that Pando shocks and pretty much kills Reapers when exposed.

This leads them to come up with a plan to get rid of the Reapers once and for all. By crushing up their Pando reserves that power The Venture, they can create a dust and spray the creatures from the safety of their ship. Sounds like the perfect plan, right?

Well, Ethan isn’t too keen on literally killing things for his own personal gain. Similarly, Splat, who once worked with the Reapers before becoming the Clade’s guide, seems adamant about stopping the team’s plan – hinting that killing Reapers may not be such a good idea.

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Things get even stranger once Searcher, and Ethan have a heart-to-heart about their dreams and end up flying out of the other side of the mountain; as a result, mid-Reaper Pando spray. Yep, the mission that Jaeger has been trying to accomplish for 25 years was done by his son and grandson by accident, fate is funny sometimes, huh?

Once outside, the father and son see that there is no new land over the mountains (sorry, Jaeger), but instead, there is just water…oh yeah, and that the world is actually resting on the back of a gigantic swimming creature. Still with us? Good.

So, basically, the Strange World the Clades found themselves in is really the insides of an ancient creature that is essentially like a moving continent that holds Avalonia on its back. Reapers aren’t monsters but are the creature’s immune system, like white blood cells, and Pando is actually like an invasive virus that is destroying the heart of the creature – slowly killing it.

Ethan and Searcher race back to The Venture to stop the crew from killing the Reapers. However, the rest of the crew on The Venture don’t listen to or believe the duo. Instead, the Clades are locked-up, with the rest of the humans continuing to spray Pando – determined to save the toxic plant. But, you can’t keep the Clades down for long. The gang manages to escape and realise that the only way that the Reapers will survive the shock from the Pando plant is by burrowing in the insides of its roots.

Strange World ending explained: Searcher looking at Pando

Searcher makes his way off The Venture and begins hacking at a Pando root directly while Ethan lures a large swarm of Reapers to Searcher’s location. With the help of Jaeger, who puts away his saltiness about not discovering the other side of the mountains, a hole in Pando is successfully made just in time. The Reapers invade Pando and destroy the plant for good. However, despite Pando’s demise, the heart of the world is still not beating.

All seems pretty bleak, and like the world is pretty much dead, meaning Avalonia is doomed too. But, just when all is hope is lost, the creatures of the internal biological world come to save the day. The world’s animals start to rejuvenate the heart of the creature, and suddenly, life is brought back to the land.

So Strange Worlds ends with Pando being destroyed, the truth of the giant creature ] being discovered, and the entire world of the island being saved. It’s happy all around…well, at least for those who aren’t Pando farmers anyway.

Strange World ending explained: Searcher on his farm

Is there a post-credit scene in Strange World?

There are no post-credit scenes in Strange World (sorry to all you fans who enjoy a teaser). To be fair, this does make sense, as the film itself ends with a short monologue of what the characters are getting up to after a year since saving Avalonia.

Searcher is no longer harvesting Pando, and is instead taking a more traditional farmer route, growing normal vegetables instead. As a result of no Pando, Avalonia has said goodbye to flying cars and hello to horse-drawn carriages. Jaeger has also hung up his adventures cap, it seems, and is living with Searcher on the farm.

The father and son are obviously making up for lost time, or their living situation could be because Jaeger’s wife, understandably, after 25 years of separation, found a new partner. Either way, it’s pretty wholesome and a nice end to Searcher’s story.

Ethan, on the other hand, is no longer in Avalonia at all. Instead, he, his new boyfriend, and the adorable dog Legend, have opted to move in with Splat and live in the mysterious subterranean world. The new team keep in touch with the surface but have started their new and exciting life in the jelly and nerve-filled land.

Strange World ending explained: Ethan looking out into the distance

Will there be a Strange World 2?

Strange World may not have a post-credit scene, but its ending did offer a small hope for a potential Strange World 2. Ethan has embarked to live in the mysterious world with his new partner. They are helping to rebuild Avalonia from the inside of the world. In many ways, it feels as if his journey is just getting started.

There is plenty of opportunity to explore the internal world of the creature more, see how the humans managed to convince the Reapers that they aren’t pathogens that need to be destroyed, and how the gang plans to replace Pando once and for all.

We can also imagine new biological threats attacking the body of the floating island. And, then, there is the big question: are there more swimming islands in this world too? We are sure that Jaeger will be looking for some new mountains after conquering the ones on this creature’s back!

Strange World ending explained: the Clades fighting Reapers

However, despite all these possible storylines for Strange World 2, director Don Hall and screenwriter Qui Nguyen, told The Digital Fix in an interview that currently there are no plans for a sequel.

“We literally just finished this movie. [laughs] So we’ve really not had any time to put much of an effort into thinking beyond it.” Hall explained.

But the two did go on to tell us that, although nothing is in the works just yet, that doesn’t mean there will never be a sequel at all. “I will say that the world I think we’ve created in Strange World is big enough to contain more stories, and we will see. But we love these characters, too, you know?” Hall continued.

So, who knows, if Strange World does well at the box office we may just see the Clades return to the big screen (fingers crossed).

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