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Andy Serkis hints he may direct a Star Wars project in the future

Andy Serkis has already played two different Star Wars characters now, so he may as well take the directors chair for a project too

Andy Serkis as Kino Loy in Star Wars Andor

Andy Serkis might as well move into the offices at Star Wars HQ at this point, having now taken on the role of two Star Wars characters. Not content with playing the Star Wars villain Supreme Leader Snoke, he has now shown up in the TV series Andor as Kino Loy. He’s not done there though, as the actor says he would be interested in taking on directing duties in the Star Wars universe.

The actor, better known for his work in the motion-capture realm, played a formidable movie villain as Snoke in the sequel trilogy of Star Wars movies. He’s now playing more of a good guy in the Star Wars series Andor, and fans are loving his work.

When asked if he would want to direct a Star Wars project in an interview with Screenrant, Serkis sounded pretty positive about the idea.

“Oh, I would [direct a Star Wars project]. Yeah, of course. It’s the most incredible universe, and any director would love the opportunity to do that. Yeah, hopefully at some point,” he responded.

Serkis does have form in the directing game of course, having helmed the superhero movie Venom 2. While he won’t be returning to the chair for Venom 3, Serkis clearly has a taste for being a director now.

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As we wait to see what unfolds for Kino Loy after the events of Andor episode 9, one thing is for certain; Star Wars fans would love to see more of Andy Serkis. Whether that is in front of the camera or behind it, is up to him.

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