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Everyone who dies in Stranger Things season 4 part 2

Here's the full list of everyone who dies in Stranger Things season 4 - obviously there's spoilers ahead but you already knew that

Everyon who dioes in Stranger Things season 4: Nancy, Robin< Steve, Eddie

Want to know who dies in Stranger Things season 4? Well, you came to the right place. Listen, we don’t judge you, there’s a lot of TV series to watch these days, and the Stranger Things season 4 part 2 finale is basically the length of a feature-length movie.

How can you chat with your friends at the water cooler (if you still go to the office) about the latest going on in Hawkins, Indiana, if you have to squeeze in nearly four hours’ worth of entertainment in the course of a morning? Or maybe you did watch the finale, but you weren’t sufficiently caffeinated to catch everything that was going on.

Don’t worry, dear reader; we’ve got you covered. We’ve been through the two last episodes on the streaming service to bring you a list of everyone who dies in Stranger Things Season 4, part 2. It goes without saying there will be spoilers ahead, but you knew that when you clicked the headline, didn’t you. Still with us? Good, let’s take a trip to the Upside Down!

Here’s everyone who dies in Stranger Things Season 4 part 2:

  • Dr. Brenner
  • Eddie
  • Max (sort of…)
  • Vecna (sort of…)
  • Jason

Everyon who dioes in Stranger Things season 4: Dr Brenner

Dr. Brenner

Hey, Dr. Brenner’s alive (suck it Demogorgon), but he’s dead again. Brenner gets shot to death by the military while trying to escape his secret lab with Eleven. Goodbye, Papa!

Everyon who dioes in Stranger Things season 4: Eddie


Eddie’s spent the entire season being pretty cowardly, so it makes sense that this punk-rock nerd goes out like the D&D character he wishes he was. Eddie dies after luring Vecna’s demobats away from the Creel house with the power of rock and roll.

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Unlike Steve Harrington, though, Eddie is comic relief and therefore lacks any plot armour which allows the demobats to kill the best character Stranger Things ever had. RIP Eddie, to Valhalla, you go!

Everyon who dioes in Stranger Things season 4: Max

Max (sort of…)

Max was always Vecna’s intended final victim, and she selflessly turns off Kate Bush in an attempt to lure the monster into a trap. This works a little too well, and Vecna pulls his usual trick of breaking his victim’s arms and legs.

Before he can pop her eyes, though, Eleven interferes, but it’s too little too late, and the grandfather clock chimes as Sadie Sink delivers the killer line, “I don’t wanna die. I’m not ready.”

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Luckily for Max, Eleven appears to have gained a new superpower, and the pint-sized psychic tells her friend, “You’re not going.”

Next thing we know, time skipped forward a few days, and Max is reportedly not dead but in a coma that she is unlikely to ever wake from. Which is better how, exactly?

Everyon who dioes in Stranger Things season 4: Vecna

Vecna (sort of…)

Vecna, aka One, aka Henry, meets his end in the final episode of Stranger Things Season 4 part 2, or he sort of does. Vecna’s physical body gets burned and blasted by Robin, Steve, and Nancy, while Eleven defeats him in his weird gooey mind palace.

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Unfortunately, we learn in the closing moments of episode 9 that reports of Vecna’s death were highly exaggerated, when he vanishes from the front yard of the Creel house and Will later says he can feel the evil bastard somewhere in the Upside Down.

Everyon who dioes in Stranger Things season 4: Jason


Who? You know that jock who thought Eddie killed his girlfriend. The one Lucas was hanging around with? You don’t remember Jason?

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Well, Jason gets a particularly brutal death where he’s ripped in half as the Upside Down and the real world merge following the (sort of) death of Max. You won’t be missed, Jason.