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New animated movie proves Jack Skellington is dead (like really dead)

Henry Selick included a little nod to The Nightmare Before Christmas in his new Netflix movie which proves Jack Skellington is irredeemably dead

Jack Skellington in Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington is possibly one of the most iconic animated movie characters of all time, particularly when it comes to that special time of year between Halloween and Christmas. Well, not to spoil the happy mood but Jack Skellington is officially, irredeemably dead now, and Henry Selick’s new film proves it.

Selick, who directed the ‘90s movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, has a new scary movie for kids out on the streaming service Netflix called Wendell and Wild. As you may have expected, it’s a story of demons bringing people back from the dead; a child-friendly zombie movie if you will. But, there’s a little Easter egg hidden among this spooky flick.

The Twitter account Horror4Kids has spotted the skeletal remains of Jack Skellington in the end credits of Wendell and Wild, and it looks like the king of spooky season is well and truly beyond dead now.

Now yes, we know that Jack Skellington is already dead and that’s kinda the whole point of his lifestyle. But this time, he’s just a pile of bones in the dirt. No dancing, no singing, and surely no hope of any kind of revival.

In his Halloween movieChristmas movie hybrid, Skellington is the life and soul of the party in Halloween town. In the credits for Wendell and Wild, he looks dead and buried and doesn’t seem too happy about it either.

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Be sure to pause the Netflix movie at the 1:39:24 mark if you want to see for yourself. Funnily enough, Selick also included a little nod to Jack Skellington in his 2000s movie Coraline, where you’ll find his head in the gloopy contents of an egg being cracked as detailed in this Tweet.

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