Will Ferrell kept the most bizarre memento from his movies

Will Ferrell is currently promoting heartwarming Christmas movie Spirited, but when asked if he's kept any souvenirs from his movies, his answer was shocking

Will Ferrell in Step Brothers

Movie and TV stars who have iconic roles are often keen to ahem – steal – souvenirs as a keepsake from their experience – Mark Hamill kept Luke Skywalker’s boots, Matt Smith kept his sonic screwdriver, Margot Robbie stole Harley Quinn’s baseball bat, Ian McKellen stole the key to Bag End, and Sylvester Stallone even took the (real, alive) turtles from Rocky. Will Ferrell, who is currently promoting Christmas movie Spirited, kept something particularly unique from the set of Step Brothers.

Step Brothers is the 2008 comedy movie starring Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly as two men in their early 40s who are still living at home with their parents. When their parents marry, they become extremely reluctant step brothers and roommates. Dale (Reilly) has just one rule: and that is: “nobody touches my drum set.”

This is, of course, a rule that Brennan (Ferrell) almost immediately breaks. Dale confronts Brennan about it, which quickly escalates into a full-blown fight. Brennan says the iconic line; “I’m going to put my nut sack on your drum set” and the rest is history.

So, long story short, the souvenir that Ferrell kept from the set of Step Brothers was… his testicles. He told This Morning; “I have some interesting mementos from some of my films, but the most valuable one is from Step Brothers — some testicles. The testicles I put on a drum set. I bring them out for dinner parties. I have a special box I keep them in.”

Spirited looks as though it’s a lot more wholesome than Step Brothers, so it’s unlikely to feature any nut sacks on drum sets. Ferrell is of course no stranger to the Christmas movie, having starred in the beloved holiday classic Elf.

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