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Big Hero 6 2 isn’t happening any time soon, says director

Don Hall, who co-directed new movie Strange World says there are no plans for a Big Hero 6 sequel "there's been no discussions about that."

Big Hero 6

Don Hall has co-directed many successful Disney movies, and his latest, Strange World is out on November 23. Hall co-directed Moana and Raya & the Last Dragon. And back in 2014, he directed Big Hero 6, introducing millions to the beloved character of Baymax. While Baymax does now have his own TV series, fans of Big Hero 6 have long been wondering if we’ll ever get a sequel to the critically-acclaimed, and Oscar-winning animated movie.

Unfortunately, Hall says that there are no plans for a sequel. Speaking to ComicBook.com, he said; “No no,” when asked if there has been any chatter about a theatrical sequel to Big Hero 6. “I’ve had my hands full with this movie [Strange World], we literally just finished it,” he added with a laugh. “I’m looking forward to taking a little break and letting my brainy brain rest. So no, there’s been no discussions about that.”

The Disney Plus series Baymax centres around Hiro, Cass, and Baymax – away from the superhero team that is Big Hero 6. Each episode sees Baymax trying to fix the ailment of a different inhabitant of San Fransokyo, as only the balloon-like healthcare companion can.

Big Hero 6 was loosely based on the Marvel comics of the same name – the other characters who make up the team – GoGo, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, and Fred – all come from the comics. In the comics, Baymax is a synthetic bodyguard who can turn into a dragon. The movie features the song Immortals by Fall Out Boy.

Big Hero 6 ended with a tease regarding Fred’s character. His father bore a striking resemblance to a certain Mr. Stan Lee, and seemed to hint at a secret superhero past. There was much more to explore in the fascinating city of San Fransokyo, and with the characters of Hiro and Baymax, so it’s frustrating that we haven’t had more movies.

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