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Hannibal series creator aware of effect Mads Mikkelsen has on fans

Fans of the Hannibal series have thirsted over Mads Mikkelsen for years and the creator of the show is well aware of the effect his star had on viewers

Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal

The horror series Hannibal was hugely popular and developed quite the passionate fanbase during its run on television, not least of all because of Mads Mikkelsen. According to the creator of the TV series Bryan Fuller, he was completely aware of the effect the star had on audiences.

Turns out, seeing the James Bond villain covered in blood and lusting after flesh was enough to gather significant interest among the fans for three seasons of the drama series.

In a recent interaction on Twitter, Fuller admitted he was very aware of the impact Mikkelsen had on viewers during the course of the show.

A fan tweeted saying: “Is Bryan Fuller aware that he gave everyone Daddy issues by casting Mads as Hannibal?” to which Fuller replied “Yes, I am aware.”

Mikkelsen has been a part of some huge franchises in his time, from the MCU to Star Wars, and it’s safe to say that wherever he goes, he gets hearts racing. So, it’s no surprise that Fuller knew what he was doing with that casting.

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