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Chris Hemsworth wants MCU and DCEU crossover, with Thor vs Aquaman

The MCU's Chris Hemsworth is interested in seeing a MCU and DCEU crossover movie, and he wants to fight Jason Momoa's superhero Aquaman

Chris Hemsworth as Thor in Thor Ragnarok

Chris Hemsworth has expressed interest in the ever-controversial idea of an MCU and DCEU crossover movie, and has said that he wants to take on Jason Momoa’s Aquaman. His comments come off the back of saying that if he were to do another Thor MCU movie, it would likely be his last.

Speaking to The Geek House Show, Hemsworth shared his idea. He said “[A DC/MCU crossover] would be cool. Who would be a fun matchup? Thor and Aquaman, that could be fun – you know Jason is a good friend of mine.”

While a match-up between Hemsworth’s Thor and Jason Momoa’s Aquaman might be interesting in theory (and is the kind of topic comic book fans have been debating among themselves for many years) in reality, it’s very, very unlikely to happen – at least in the near future.

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If it ever were to happen, the mechanics of a crossover event could be facilitated by the introduction of the multiverse, which both superhero movie franchises have dabbled in recently. Out of universe, it would also require some kind of rights deal between Warner Bros. and Walt Disney Studios, the two studios which own the rights to the DCEU and MCU respectively.

Disney’s arrangement with access to Spider-Man movies has proven how complicated that can get, meaning that a crossover movie between the two rival studios would have plenty of obstacles. If it ever is to happen, though, we have to agree that it would be fun to see the master of lightning and thunder battle the master of the aquatic. If it were a Pokémon movie, electricity would win that battle hands down.

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