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MCU series creator is proud that they made the “horniest Marvel show”

This MCU series creator has spoken about creating a Marvel series, and has said that they're proud of making the "horniest" Marvel show so far

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Jessica Gao, the creator of the Marvel series She-Hulk, has said that she’s proud of making the “horniest” entry into the MCU. She-Hulk ended back in October, but that hasn’t stopped fans talking about the legal comedy series and its bold finale in She-Hulk episode 9.

Someone else who hasn’t stopped talking about She-Hulk is the creator of the hit drama series, which is available on streaming service Disney Plus. Jessica Gao has been outspoken about how she wanted to take She-Hulk in a new direction. She certainly succeeded with that, however the actual quality of the TV series is certainly up for debate.

Now, she elaborated on one specific element of She-Hulk’s boldness that made her proud. In a conversation with Empire Magazine (via Screen Rant) Gao said “[Hopefully the She-Hulk finale] allows more Marvel projects to get a little weird. One of my proudest accomplishments is how this was the horniest Marvel show so far.”

From the exploration of She-Hulk’s dating life, to her more steamy scenes with Matt Murdock, She-Hulk was certainly the MCU project that was most willing to engage with more mature themes about the complexity of dating and sexuality, even if it did so while remaining firmly tongue-in-cheek.

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In fact, that willingness to take the MCU in different directions was absolutely one of She-Hulk’s biggest strengths. Whether or not the humour, episodic style, and self-referentiality worked for you or not is up to you, but with the series Gao absolutely made some bold moves.

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