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New The Flash trailer reportedly not coming until next year

We've bad news Flash fans it's unlikely you'll see any clips from the fastest man alive's upcoming superhero movie, this year at least

Ezra Miller as Barry Allen aka The Flash

The Flash may be the fastest man alive, but his superhero movie is moving really slowly. So far, the DC movie has been delayed multiple times thanks to a number of production problems and the Covid-19 pandemic. Still, at least Flash fans can live in the hope that they’ll get another trailer soon, right?

Wrong. According to Flash Film News, a Twitter account dedicated to tracking the trials and tribulations of the upcoming action movie, a new Flash trailer will not be released until 2023. This news was verified by Umberto Gonzalez, the editor-in-chief of Heroic Hollywood.

To be fair, the writing was kind of on the wall for The Flash trailer at this point; with Shazam 2 and Aquaman 2 both getting pushed back to 2023, there were no appropriate movies for it to go in front of; unless they wanted to promote The Flash while screening Bones and All.

Looking at the 2023 slate, it makes far more sense for Warners to wait until Creed 3 or Shazam 2 are in theatres to start promoting The Flash, which isn’t out until June. That way, the teaser will still be relatively fresh in cinemagoers’ minds when they choose what to watch.

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The Flash is set to hit theatres on June 23, 2023. While we wait for the world’s fastest man to get here, why not check out our guide on how to watch the Batman movies in order? Or, if that doesn’t impress you, we’ve cast an eye into the future to bring you everything you need to know about Man of Steel 2.