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Woody Harrelson and Michael J Fox once drank cobra blood together

Woody Harrelson has shared a bizarre story of drinking cobra blood with Michael J Fox during the Academy's 13th Governor Awards, because why not

Woody Harrelson and Michael J Fox once drank cobra blood together

Woody Harrelson has lived an interesting life. He’s starred in one of the best comedy series of all time, Cheers, made some of the best movies ever and been nominated for not one but three Oscars along the way. As you might expect, then Harrelson has picked up a few stories along the way.

Stories like the time he drank cobra blood with the star of Back to the Future, Michael J Fox. Yes, seriously. Harrelson admitted to being some kind of snake vampire during the Academy’s 13th Governor Awards. According to Harrelson, it happened when he was visiting the set of Fox’s war movie Casualties of War in Thailand.

Apparently, Fox and Harrelson went out into the jungle one night and found a small hut. Once there, Fox got out of the car and handed a kid a couple of thousand Thai baht. What happened next, though, blew Harrelson’s mind.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Harrelson explained. “I look in there, and Mike is sitting next to this kid with dozens of cobras all around them ready to strike, and, no jest, the kid was toying with these cobras.”

“He taunted a bunch of these cobras, and then he found the orneriest cobra, grabbed it by the neck, threw it in a cage with a mongoose,” he continued. “Where I saw the craziest fight I’ve ever seen between any animals other than studio executives. You guys know I’m kidding.”

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“The mongoose won. They took the snake, tied it by its tail, ran the blood out, half-filled four glasses with cobra blood and half with Thai whiskey,” he finished. “Drinking the cobra blood is called ‘becoming brother to the snake… Mike and I drink lots of things together, and he can hold his own. What can I say? He’s Canadian. But Mike promptly vomited his snake cocktail. Never could hold his cobra blood.”

So that’s the story of how an icon of the science fiction movie genre drank snake blood… yeah I’ve got nothing. If you want to take your mind off snake blood, why not check out our list of the best comedy movies? Or if you’re into it, we have a guide to the best horror movies, I guess?