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What cello song does Wednesday play?

The Addams Family returning a new Netflix series co-created by Tim Burton that features a great soundtrack, but what cello song does Wednesday play?

What cello song does Wednesday play?

What cello song does Wednesday play? In the new Netflix series based on The Addams Family, Wednesday is sent off to boarding school to curb a particularly rebellious streak she’s developed.

It’s the same school where Morticia and Gomez met, and though she doesn’t like it at first, the Nevermore Academy monster soon makes Wednesday feel right at home. She’s out practicing songs on her balcony in no time!

But what cello song does Wednesday play? Her instrument of choice fits the horror series vibes extremely well, making Wednesday worth watching, but is the same true of her taste in music? We can reveal all.

What cello song does Wednesday play?

The cello song that Wednesday plays is a cover ‘Paint It Black’ by The Rolling Stones. One of the band’s many hits, this one is espeically popular in goth and alternative spaces because of the lyrics surrounding a desire to make everything in the world black as an act of rebellion.

Despite being one of the band’s bigger singles. ‘Paint It Black’ has a curious history. It’s only featured on the track listing of the US version of their LP Aftermath, thus the song’s been widely disseminated on compilations, of which the Rolling Stones have published many.

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Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are the principle songwriters, and that jangly intro riff makes it instantly recognisable to any fans. Wednesday Addams clearly enjoys her ’60s rock ‘n roll, belting the classic out on the cello as she does.

One can easily imagine young Morticia or Uncle Fester finding solace in the discord that surrounded The Rolling Stones. Their influence no doubt rubbed off on Wednesday and Pugsley, leading to this stirring rendition in the fantasy series.

What’ll she belt out in Wednesday season 2? We and the students of Nevermore Academy can only wait to find out.